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Should Prometheus be Bound?

by Philippe de Woot
Should Prometheus be Bound?
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Book Description

This book proposes a critical analysis of the new corporate responsibilities in a globalizing world, built around the creative and entrepreneurial power of the business firm and the new opportunities and challenges offered by science and technology, globalization and deregulation. Rather than focusing on tools, techniques and existing practices, it is the first to offer a conceptual and critical analysis of the new trend towards Corporate Social Responsibility, arguing that the legitimacy of the corporation will increasingly depend more on the contribution it wants to bring to our transition towards sustainable development.

The book aims at the elaboration of a new corporate culture, involving:
- Enlarging their rainson d'etre as well as their contribution in improving an economic model,
- Adopting an ethical approach beyond integrity and addressing the key question of our time: what kind of world do we want to build together with the enormous resources at our disposal?
- Accepting any dialogue and debate that can have major societal consequences.